Check calls, reimagined.

Locate any driver on demand from the cloud.


No more check calls

Grow more business by handling more loads. Spend less time following up with calls and more time being proactive. Stay a step ahead of your competitors.

Shipment locations in realtime

Advanced Location Notifications keep you and your customers up to date with shipment positions online and with email and API updates.

Simplicity comes standard

A beautifully simple interface that requires no hardware, no software, and no up front costs. Get up and running in minutes.

How it works

1. Create order

Order screenshot

2. Driver replies "yes"

Sms screenshot

3. Shipment is tracked

Map screenshot



Interactive dashboards let you visualize the fleet, giving you insight into operations and shipment locations in realtime.

Phone Compatibility

Lock&Locate works with any phone, not just smartphones. Agreements with all major telecom companies allow us locate almost any phone.

No Software

With our platform, there is not software needed to download on computers or devices. It just works.

Email Notifications

Notifications can be sent out to an unlimited amount of email addresses at a configurable frequency for location updates.

Powerful Search

Search and sort through all orders by any attributes type, including customer, pro number, and even attached note. Filter by order status.

API Integration

A modern JSON API is available to create, lookup, and search through orders as well is integrate into your favorite TMS or custom system.

Instant Locate

On demand lookup enables you to locate orders in realtime instead or relying on a schedule.

Order Lookup

A lookup panel allows 3rd parties to see orders with a security pin which makes sharing the status of an order simple.

Schedule Orders

Tracking can be scheduled for future dates and precise times can be used for opting in phones.

Multiple View Modes

View orders in a traditional table and also in a large interactive map that display the location of all orders reveals their full route when hovering.

Mobile Friendly

Easily view orders from your smartphone so you can keep an eye on them from on the go without needing a computer handy.


API calls can be initiated back to your system when important events such as location updates occur, keeping your systems in sync.